Photo of Michael A. Schwartz

Mike focuses his practice in the areas of criminal defense and counseling, defense of False Claims Act and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act matters, internal corporate investigations, corporate compliance programs, corporate monitorships, and First Amendment matters.  Mike has significant experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device, health care, construction, and government contracting industries.

Michael Schwartz, Kristin Jones, and John Gazzola were published in the August 2023 Pratt’s Government Contracting Law Report article, “Suppliers Beware: U.S. Government Continues Prosecution of Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Fraud Cases Involving Supplies Passed Through Disadvantaged Business Enterprises.”

Bribery and corruption have long plagued the construction industry, particularly in emerging markets in Latin America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. Large contracts often trickle down through layers of subcontractors and consultants, presenting opportunities for corruption at each level. The risk is enhanced in certain foreign jurisdictions where public officials may expect payment in exchange for state-issued licenses or government contracts.

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