Cont’l Res. v. P&P Indus., LLC, 2018 N.D. Lexis 20 (January 22, 2018)

In 2013, Continental Resources Inc. (“Continental”), an oil producer doing business in North Dakota, entered into a master servicing agreement, governed by Oklahoma law, with United Oilfield Services (“United”).  According to the contract, United agreed to provide transportation, water hauling, and related support services to Continental in support of Continental’s ongoing operations in North Dakota.  The contract also contained the following termination provision: “[I]t being understood and agreed that either party hereto may cancel this Contract by giving the other party thirty (30) days written notice of such cancellation.”

Approximately a year after the parties signed the contract, Continental alleged that United (i) violated state and federal limits and regulations regarding the number of hours a truck driver may drive, (ii) violated Continental’s policy limiting the number of hours an employee could work in a day, and (iii) engaged in improper and fraudulent billing.  Following its discovery of United’s alleged misconduct, Continental terminated its contract and filed suit against United and other related entities.Continue Reading Supreme Court of North Dakota: Where Contract Provided That Either Party Could Cancel Upon 30 Days’ Notice, the Non-Breaching Party Seeking Lost Profits Could Only Recover the Lost Profits it Would Have Earned During the Notice Period

BEGL Construction Company, Inc. et al. v. Los Angeles Unified School District and Star Insurance Com
154 Cal.App.4th 970; 2007 Cal.App. LEXIS 1432 (2007)
In August 2000, the Los Angeles Unified School District (the “District”) entered into a public works construction contract with BEGL Construction Company, Inc. (“BEGL”) for a seismic retrofit of the Science Building at its Los Angles Center for Enriched Studies (“LACES”) and demolition and reconstruction of the LACES West Arcade. Because the project was a public work, BEGL was required to post a performance bond and a payment bond. Subsequently, after BEGL commenced performing work, the West Arcade was removed from the scope of the contract.Continue Reading California Court Upholds Recovery of Lost Profits Due to Impaired Bonding Capacity