Hovas Constr., Inc. v. Western Line Consolidated School Dist.
2012 Miss. App. LEXIS 556 (September 14, 2012)

The Board of Trustees of Western Line Consolidated School District entered into a $450,000 contract with Hovas Construction, Inc. for an addition and renovation work at the O’Bannon High School in Washington County, Mississippi. The contract required that the project achieve substantial completion by June 6, 2008 and included a project delay liquidated damages provision providing for damages of $500 per day. The project achieved substantial completion on July 15, 2008, thirty-nine days late, and the School District withheld $19,500 from Hovas as substantial completion liquidated damages. Hovas filed suit in the Circuit Court of Washington County. The Circuit Court concluded the $19,500 withheld was appropriate because the liquidated damage provision was enforceable and that the School District suffered actual damages.Continue Reading Mississippi Court of Appeals Reviews Relationship Between Actual Damages for Delay and Liquidated Damages