Urban Masonry Corporation, Appellant, N&N Contractors, Inc., Appellee,
676 A.2d 26 (D.C. App. 1996)
In November 1990, Urban Masonry Corporation (Urban) subcontracted with N&N Contractors, Inc., (N&N) to install concrete panels on a major construction project in the District of Columbia. Urban was the subcontractor of the general contractor, Blake Construction Company, and N&N was a subcontractor of Urban. The panels were to be supplied by Blake.
Upon installation of the concrete panels it became obvious that the panels were smaller than anticipated, therefore, additional pieces would be needed to complete the project. Because this was beyond the scope of the original agreement, it was agreed between Urban and N&N, that Urban would pay additional compensation for installing extra panels. In fact, Urban’s Project Manager sent a “speed memo” affirming the compensation, and Urban’s President sent a letter acknowledging the request for compensation and promised to pass on the claim to the general contractor (Blake). Subsequently, Urban made a settlement with Blake which did not include compensation for N&N’s claims in November 1991.
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