A generation ago, mediation of construction disputes was unusual. Today, it is rare that a construction claim goes to trial without some effort at mediation first. Indeed, a substantial percentage of construction contracts require mediation as a precondition to filing suit or demanded arbitration.
Still, as pervasive as mediation has become, misperceptions about mediation persist among the contractor population generally.

What does a mediator decide? Who controls the proceedings? Is there such a thing as binding mediation? How confidential is confidential during and after a mediation?

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Utility Line Services, Inc. v. PVR Marcellus Gas Gathering, LLC
Court of Common Pleas for Delaware County, Pennsylvania, No. 12-4322

On April 17, 2014, a Delaware County, Pennsylvania, jury awarded contractor Utility Line Services, Inc., a $24.3 Million verdict against PVR Marcellus Gas Gathering, LLC, for breach of a contract for construction of a natural